Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Reunion Form 6 1st Batch "

Pagi yang penuh dengan kepenatan,kemalasan dan kepeningan yang melampau...huhuhu...Hari ini ex-student form6 1st batch datang...Huhuhu...Yea..some advice (as usual), but still benefiting...hehe...Diorang ok juga..nice..Banyak juga benda yang dikongsi , siap bagi e-mail to contact them. And they're planning to re-union again with all (ex-)student form 6. Dunno where it will be held but somewhere around selangor(i guess...). Bual bicara tu berlangsung dalam lebih kurang satu jam. Lepas diorang balik kami pun continue our class until 2.15p.m. Masing-masing terkebil-kebil sebab macam pening-pening lalat. Tak tahu la.Semua macam tak semangat jer. Pukul 2.30-3.30pm,smbung class lg. Huhuhu... Penat sangat. Tapi kena kuat,exam dah dekat. Huhuhu.. Lau tak frust menunggeng..ahahkz...

Let's go out! open my mind
Let's go! sweet dream other side Believe yourself
  I'm by your side.
  No matter how sad your dreams are,
  I don't mind
  I want to touch your tears... 
  I pray... "(you) believe"
  and rip up the darkness of the cold memories

  Now I go out of the cage I am released from

  A rusted key, a beating that stops making a noise
  "I can't go back anymore," I realized

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