Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Geramnyer... (>.<)

okay, maybe it sounds too childish but i had it enough already! hurm... Can you imagine how you gonna faced with someone who are selfish and never think about others...?? okay, maybe da person perhaps think about others, but... really??? oohhh... perhaps with force of nature without sincerely...! sorry mam, its kind a harsh but yeah you make me mad, man! seriously i do not welcome person who selfish... just one word (two or  more perhaps), yackkkksssss...! pathetic la lu !  eeuuwwww....! go get a life  and  stay away miles from mine! Gggggrrrrr..... why did these people do exist in this world... such a rubbish!!! sorry for being rude, but everyone has  their own limits...

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