Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bahagia tengok orang lain derita??


These few weeks seriously give me some headache. But i try to keep up and stay positive.

However, there is something that made me piss off.

When I was lepaking at somewhere enjoying a cup of tiramisu coffee, I heard a conversation between couple of lovers (I guess) talking about someone's love story. Hey, I'm not intend to, but since they're just next to my sit@table I was able to listen even I'm not really care... until...

They spoke about a girl whom friend of theirs is just 'recovering' from broken heart. That's not the main issue though... ironically, they not really care how that poor girl going to stand up again, they more care about how the girl 'meroyan'.

I was like, "are u serious? Is that ur entertainment? Gosh, pathetic!". I'm yelling inside. It looks like they enjoy watching someone falling, broken hearted.

Seriously, I couldn't accept this. Just imagine how suffered that girl could be, how she's going through hard time, and it is soo not human if you feel like it's a joke.

Yeah, I do understand that it's personal opinions and I can't force oneself to agree with mine.

I know how it feels like... because I'm deeply broken inside. And I know it's not that easy to get up.

Entahlah. You will understand if you're in our shoes....

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