Monday, May 23, 2016

What u give, u will get back


Have you ever done bad things to others? And have you ever imagine that one day people will done it to you?

Do you believe in "what you give you will get back"; some called it as karma?

Personally, we have to make good deeds not because we want people to treat us the same way ( I mean that's not the main point), but it is because that is the best way to treat people and make the world better place for living. And of course, we hope people will treat us the same....

And... if let say you wrong doing to others, could you ever imagine if you're in their shoes?

I always remind myself that "biar orang buat kita jgn kita buat orang"... It might sounds so naive but at the end of the day you'll find yourself in the better place. But it doesn't means that anyone can take advantage on you!

Ah... getting sleepy. Talk to you later...

Good night, sayang... assalamu'alaikum

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